50 Days of Addison Rae, Day 20: This Video Haunts Me

The most bizarre thing.

Welcome to 50 Days of Addison Rae, a Just PMSing original blog series where we explore all things Addison Rae, TikToker, dancer, YouTuber, Kardashian friend.

There is a video of Addison Rae that sums up everything about TikTok and influencer culture and Addison Rae in just a few short seconds.

When Addison Rae was just starting to gain popularity for her TikTok in 2019 (this was when she was still a blonde), fans approached her while she was about to film a TikTok at a valet stand. They asked her for a photo and after Addison Rae agreed, she told them to wait a second so she could film a TikTok.

The Hollywood Fix, a paparazzi that mainly follows Gen Z influencers, caught the entire thing on camera — the fans approaching Addison Rae, Addison Rae saying yes, Addison Rae telling them to hold on, Addison Rae filming the TikTok in complete silence, and fans watching on in horror and delight.

I don’t find the interaction particularly rude because I’m sure Addison Rae eventually took a photo with the fans, but it’s such a thing to watch. We see the TikToks on our phones, but to see how a TikTok gets made feels like an invasion of privacy.

Of course some people perceived it as rude, like Trisha Paytas, but I think that’s being dramatic.


Thanks to my 2 fans @mamagotback583 @kalgator143

♬ original sound – TheHollywoodFix

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