100 Days of Jules, Day 45: Julianne Does Not Follow Any Male Co-Stars And I’m Concerned

Does Brooks not allow it?

Here is where I attempt to blog about Julianne Hough for 100 days straight. This was inspired by Allie Jones’ 500 blogs on Kristin Cavallari, a much funnier read.

Why on God’s green earth is Julianne Hough not following her super hot co-star from Grease Live, Aaron Tveit, on Instagram? She’s not following her other super hot co-star from Footloose, Kenny Wormald, either. She’s not following Miles Teller, her other Footloose co-star either. She is following Ziah Colon, the woman who played Rusty in Footloose, however. She’s following Vanessa Hudgens, a fellow Pink Lady, but not KeKe Palmer or Carly Rae Jepsen. I AM CALLING THE POLICE!!!!

I began looking into who Julianne Hough follows on social media and it took me down a dark and unforgettable rabbit hole. None of it makes any sense. I can maybe forgive Julianne and Kenny not following each other on Instagram because IG wasn’t really a thing in 2011 when they filmed Footloose. But to not be following Aaron Tveit? Grease Live was shot in 2016 and they relied heavily on IG to promote the live performance (She even tagged Aaron in photos on multiple occasions). Also, the women who played the Pink Ladies constantly talked about how close they became during rehearsals. Kether, who played Jan, even noted in one interview that they had “Monday movie nights” at Vanessa’s house. Yet Julianne doesn’t follow the women she spent every Monday night with. I have followed drunk girls in the bathroom on IG. This makes zero sense.

LET’S MOVE ON TO TWITTER. Julianne is not following Aaron Tveit, but Aaron is following her.

This is concerning because Aaron joined Twitter in August 2015, just a few months before Aaron and Julianne began rehearsing for Grease Live. It was a big deal that Aaron joined social media because he referenced it in several interviews and had been vocal about not being on social media in the past. So how exactly does that work? Aaron gets a Twitter and is all excited and decides to follow his new Grease Live co-stars and Julianne is just like, Oh, I don’t think I’m going to follow him back. Question mark? My left eyebrow is literally raised right now, like I do not understand this at all.

Vanessa Hudgens does not follow Julianne on Twitter and Julianne does not follow her. Julianne follows Kenny Wormald on Twitter but Kenny does not follow her back. (I AM DISTRAUGHT THE MORE I LOOK INTO THIS). Julianne and KeKe Palmer do not follow each other on Twitter. Miles Teller follows Julianne and she follows him back.


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