100 Days of Jules, Day 70: Julianne Has A Nervous Tick

“I’m just kidding!”

Here is where I attempt to blog about Julianne Hough for 100 days straight. This was inspired by Allie Jones’ 500 blogs on Kristin Cavallari, a much funnier read.

If you are like me (and you’re not) and have watched hours upon hours of Julianne Hough footage, then you know she has a nervous tick. Not only does she laugh at the end of almost every sentence, she oftentimes ends a sentence with “No, I’m just kidding.”

It seems like a nervous tick, especially if she is trying to make a joke, but she’s not sure how it will land. I found seven examples of it without even trying that hard. (It started out as seven, but I will continue to add more each time I find one.)

1. During an appearance on Regis and Kelly, she teaches Kelly and Terrance Howard how to salsa dance.
“Keep your feet together,” she tells Terrence. “No, I’m kidding.”

2. During an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, she tells Safe Haven co-star that Cosmo wants the sexy stuff.
“This is Cosmopolitan,” she says. “All they wanna know is how hot and steamy and sexy the kiss was and how hard you grabbed my leg — no, I’m just kidding.”

3. When she was discussing Brooks sucking her toes, she told an interviewer it was all part of it.
“Hey, it’s a give and take and compromise, making everybody feel good with what they like, no, I’m just kidding,” Julianne says.

4. When some radio hosts asked if she was related to Charlie Hough, she said yes.
“No, no, there is,” she says. “I mean, I never knew him, no I’m just kidding.”

5. When she was very young and giving a backstage tour of Dancing With The Stars, she told the camera that not everything is as it seems.
“Look, reality TV is not reality TV,” she says. “Just kidding.”

6. While chatting with a paparazzi outside of LAX, she explained what she got her nephew as a graduation present.
“Just a FaceTime of love,” she says. “No, I’m just kidding.”

7. While speaking to Jason Kennedy at E! News, she explained that for her and Derek’s MOVE Live on Tour show, she would be in a harness.
“Yeah, so for one number I have like a rock-climbing harness on from my like Bear Grylls days — no, I’m just kidding,” she says.

8. On the Emmys red carpet, the interviewer asked if she would drink later in the night. 
“Oh, for sure, no, I’m just kidding.”

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