Rock The Vote, Day 13: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson one time turned down performing at a Bush fundraiser.


Rock The Vote is an original series, where I make an educated and researched guess on who certain celebrities are voting for Nov. 3, 2020.

There is little information about Jessica Simpson, singer and actress, and her political views on the Internet. When you Google “Jessica Simpson Donald Trump,” you find a paparazzi video of a cameraman asking Simpson what her advice for President Donald Trump is. She offers up “be the president.”

There are other blogs or articles claiming Simpson is a Republican, yet there is nothing to support those claims.

I read Simpson’s 2019 memoir Open Book, where she wrote about how patriotic she is and how much she loves supporting and entertaining the troops. She also writes about a time where she performed for President George W. Bush (a Texan like Simpson) and she met Gale Norton, Secretary of the Interior. Simpson congratulated her on decorating the White House.

However, in 2004, Simpson turned down performing at a Bush fundraiser, even though she was trying to speak to Congress about Operation Smile, a nonprofit that helps kids get surgery if they have facial deformities.

“It just feels wrong,” a Simpson insider told Reuters, according to, adding that Simpson keeps her political views private. “She would love to meet the president and talk about Operation Smile … but she can’t do it at a fund-raiser for the Republican Party.”

Also in Simpson’s memoir, she wrote that the morning after she met her now-husband Eric Johnson in 2010, he left her for a Marianne Williamson conference when Williamson was a motivational speaker and author. Williamson ran for the 2020 Democratic nomination with the slogan “Think. Love. Contribute.”
I don’t believe Jessica Simpson is voting. If she is, I think she will vote Donald Trump. 

The election is Nov. 3. Find out where you can vote. Support local journalism to stay informed.

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