50 Days of Taylor Swift, Day 3: Delicate Music Video Drama

The blog (this blog, the one you’re reading) that brought you 100 Days of Julianne Hough and 50 Days of Addison Rae now brings you 50 Days of Taylor Swift. 1, 2, 3… Let’s go, bitchPhoto by Dwight McCann

After Taylor Swift released the music video for “Delicate,” she was accused of ripping off a commercial with the same plot.

The “Delicate” music video essentially follows Taylor at a fancy event, first feeling down and then realizing she is invisible to everyone around her. Once she figures this out, she dances throughout the event until she makes her way to a dive bar, ending the music video with Taylor presumably smiling at someone. Joseph Kahn directed the music video, a director Taylor had worked with a few times before.

The commercial she is accused of copying is a perfume ad starring Margaret Qualley and directed by Spike Jonez. The plot and concept is basically the exact same thing.

Taylor never directly acknowledged the plagiarism accusation, but since then, she has directed or conceptualized every single one of her music videos. If you can’t trust others, you just gotta do it yourself.

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