50 Days of Taylor Swift, Day 5: All The Evidence She Is Married

The blog (this blog, the one you’re reading) that brought you 100 Days of Julianne Hough and 50 Days of Addison Rae now brings you 50 Days of Taylor Swift. 1, 2, 3… Let’s go, bitchPhoto by Dwight McCann

A follower on Instagram asked me to write out all the evidence that Taylor Swift is married to Joe Alwyn. I would be happy to.

There are plenty of pieces of evidence but these three should convince you.

  1. The Lover album. It’s quite literally an album about getting married. First you have the song “Lover,” where she sings a bridge about getting married. And then you have “It’s Nice To Have A Friend,” where she sings about rice on the ground, he carries me home, and church bells play in the background. Swifties love Easter eggs and this is the most blatant one.
  2. Her album covers. Since the Lover album, Taylor Swift’s name has not appeared on any of the album covers. Could this be because she owns them all? Or could it be because her name isn’t Taylor Swift? It’s Taylor Alwyn.
  3. The wedding cake in “I Bet You Think About Me.” In the music video for “I Bet You Think About Me,” Taylor is standing next to a giant wedding cake and the design in the cake includes an upside down V. At one point, she takes her finger and picks up icing and licks it. When she scraps the icing from the cake, the upside down V makes an A, symbolizing Alwyn.

What more do you need? The bitch is married.

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